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The soldier questions his role and struggles to find guidance in his mission, all the while wary of the changes he is undergoing:. Unsure of whom to trust in a time of tremendous moral ambiguity, the narrator's reliance upon God is tested when he sees his comrade and fellow soldier, Bobbie, dying in "a field of blood and stone. It is thus not an anti-war song in a conventional sense.

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Beginning in the second verse, a muted, ominous synthesizer -and- horns sound begins to be heard, joined in halfway through the verse by a more pronounced, cyclical strings line courtesy of the Nashville String Machine. After the second chorus, Springsteen plays a substantial harmonica solo, high in the mix, as drums and bass from Steve Jordan and producer Brendan O'Brien kick in.

The third verse goes quiet again, before drums and percussion return; a reprise of the harmonica line carries the outro. The single was released ahead of the album, initially appearing on AOL First Listen on March 28, , then as a digital single on iTunes on March 29, then on radio as of April 4 and finally from other digital music providers as of April 5.

It featured Springsteen on stage lip-synching the song on just acoustic guitar and harmonica. Appearance of the other instruments on the audio was unexplained, and no attempt was made to illustrate the setting or themes of the song, other than a held camera shot from behind the stage at the end as Springsteen put down his instruments and walked off, empty seats all to be seen. Breakin' [Am] all of the [F] rules that would [C] bend.

I [Am] found my [G] self just [F] searchin' Searchin' for shelter [G] again and again. And [A] then she said "I'm leavin' She says [G] on these streets, Charles You've got to [F] understand the rules. If an [C] officer stops you, promise me you'll [Am] always be polite. In the [C] arms of the angel, fly [Em] away from here From this [F] dark, cold hotel room, and the [C] endlessness that you [G] fear You are [C] pulled from the wreckage of your [Em] silent reverie You're in the [F] arms of the angel, May you [C] find [G] some comfort [F] here. Till the day I die [Dm] Rebel souls.

Till the day I die. Pull me [F] close try and [G] under [Am] stand. Desire is [F] hunger, is the [G] fire I [Am] breathe. Love is a [F] banquet on [G] which we [Am] feed. They [Bb] can't hurt you now, [Am] can't hurt you now, [E] can't hurt you now. Because the [F] night [G] belongs to [Am] lust. Because the [F] night [G] belongs to [Am] us.

Love is a [F] ring on the [G] tele [Am] phone. And [C] I'm tired of these dirty old [F] sidewalks.

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Think I'll [C] walk off my [G] steady job [C] today. Big City turn me [G] loose and set me free. There's [C] folks who never work and they've got [F] plenty. Think it's [C] time some guys like [G] me had some [C] fun.

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Head out on the highway. Heavy metal thunder. When will the night be through? I want to hear the breaking glass. I want to feel the steel of the red hot truth I'd do [D] anything to get it out of my mind. Where's your darling [C] gone? Did he go on down the [G] mountainside And leave you all [Dm] alone? All a [Em] long the southbound odyssey, the [G] train pulls out of Kankakee, And [D] rolls along the houses, farms and [A] fields.

Say [Em] don't you know me, [C] I'm your native [G] son.

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But [Em] all the towns and people seem to [G] fade into a bad dream, The [D] steel rail still ain't heard the [A] news. In the [C] cold cold [Am] ground. It's the [Dm] woman in you that makes you want to [C] play this [F] game. He [C] didn't see the station [G] wagon car. The [F] skunk got squashed and [C] there you are. That [G] ain't no rose.

You [C] don't have to look and you [G] don't have to see 'Cause you can [F] feel it in your [C] olfactory. On a [F] moonlit night you got your [C] dead toad frog. You got your [C] dead rabbit and your [G] dead raccoon. The [F] blood and the guts, they gonna [C] make you swoon. It can turn your heart black you can [D] trust It'll take your god filled [G] soul [A] fill it with devils and dust [D] [D] Well I dreamed of you last night in a field of blood and [G] stone My blood began to [D] dry [A] and the smell began to [D] rise [D] Well I dreamed of you last night in a field of mud and [G] bone and your blood began to [D] dry [A] and the smell began to rise [D] [D] We've got god on my [G] side and I'm just tryin to sur [D] vive But If what you do to sur [G] vive, kills the things you [A] love Fear's a powerful [G] thing.

It can turn your heart black you can [D] trust It'll take your god filled [G] soul [A] fill it with devils and dust [D] [D] Now every woman and every man, they wanna take a righteous [G] stand Find the love that god [D] wills [A] and the faith that he com [D] mands [D] I've got my finger on the trigger, but tonight faith just ain't [G] enough When I look inside my [D] heart, [A] there's just devils and dust [D] [D]I've got god on my [G] side and I'm just tryin to sur [D] vive But If what you do to sur [G] vive, kills the things you [A] love Fear's a powerful [G] thing.

It can turn your heart black you can [D] trust It'll take your god filled [G] soul [A] fill it with devils and dust [D] It'll take your god filled [G] soul [A] fill it with devils and dust [D]. Why [F] should we be a [G] part? I [F] really love you [G] baby cross my [C] heart.

But [F] dreaming just comes [C] natural, like the [G] first breath from a [C] baby, Like [F] sunshine feeding [C] daisies, like the [G] love hidden deep in your [C] heart. Strangers had forced him to [D7] live in his [G] head. He [C] envisioned the details of [F] romantic [C] scenes After midnight in the stillness of the [G] barracks la [C] trine. A portrait of guilt is [D7] hung on the [G] wall. Donald and Lydia [G] made love that [C] night. Spoken: Love [C] The made love in the mountains, they made [F] love in the [C] streams, They made love in the valleys, they made [D7] love in their [G] dreams.

But [C] when they were finished there was [F] nothing to [C] say, 'Cause mostly they made love from [G] ten miles [C] away. Look at him working. Am Sun lights up the daytime.

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Am Everybody's got the fever, that is something you all Em know The Am fever isn't such a Dm new thing. I'm pulling you [Em] close, you just say [D] no. You say you don't [Em] like it, but you know you're a [Bm] liar. Late at [D] night, I'm taking you home. I say I want to [Em] stay, you say you want to be [D] alone. You say you don't [Em] love me, but you can't hide your [Bm] desire. My [G] nerves' all jumping, acting [D] like a fool, Well your [E7] kisses they burn, but your [A] heart stays cool. Your words say [Em] split, but your words they [Bm] lie.

There's no one left to [Am] torture. Did you get a little gold? He said "[C] Hey there fellow with the hair colored yellow, [F] watcha tryin' to [D] prove? Please [C] gimme three steps, gimme three steps mister and you'll [G] never see me no [C] more. O well the [C] crowd cleared away and I began to pray and my [G] water fell down to the floor and I'm [C] telling you, son, it ain't no fun, staring [D] straight down a fourty-four [G].

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Nothing [G] much to do. Put your loving hand in mine. Hello [G] stranger. Put your loving hand in [D] mine. You are a [A] stranger and now you're a friend of [D] mine. Let a working girl lay down Get up [G] rounder. Let a working girl lay [D] down You are a [A] rounder and you're all out and [D] down [D] Every time, I ride the four and six street cars Every [G] time, I ride the four and six street [D] cars I can see my [A] baby peeping thru the [D] bars [D] Well, he bowed his head and he waved both hands at me He bowed his [G] head and he waved both hands at [D] me He's prison [A] bound and longing to be [D] free [D] I'll see you when your troubles are like mine I'll see [G] you when your troubles are like [D] mine Yes I'll see [A] you when you haven't got a [D] dime [D] Weep like a willow and moan like a dove Weeping like a [G] willow and moaning like a [D] dove I need a [A] man that I really [D] love.

Put your loving hand in mine Hello [G] stranger. To [Bm] gether we stand, [Am] divided we [Em] fall. Price incl. Local courier delivery with tracking number or collect from 90 lockers islandwide. Add to My List. Added to Cart. Bruce Springsteen proves that he has taken on life fully engaged both in living and examining it, and in doing so, he's delivered a story as profoundly inspiring as his best music It's alternately brutally honest, philosophically deep, stabbingly funny, and, perhaps most important, refreshingly humble. But in a project like this, the writer has made one promise, to show the reader his mind.

In these pages, I've tried to do this. The experience was so exhilarating that Bruce decided to write about it. That's how this extraordinary autobiography began.

Over the past seven years, Bruce Springsteen has privately devoted himself to writing the story of his life, bringing to the.. Spanning Bruce Springsteen's amazing career, this book contains 27 of his best songs, all arranged in an easy guitar TAB format. For pianists who love Bruce Springsteen, this sheet music collection is a dream come true.

Rich with piano, Hammond organ, glockenspiel, and more, Springsteen's early albums contain some of the most memorable keyboard tracks in rock 'n' roll history. Now, for the first time, keyboard parts for 25 songs from his legendary era have been notated with unprecedented accuracy and gathered in this collectible volume. Note-for-note keyboard transcriptions are woven into arrangements that make each song playable on piano from start to finish. Complete vocal melodies and lyrics are included, along with chord grids for guitar. The 25 selections in this volume we..

Bruce Springsteen, Sheet Music Anthology. For music makers who love Bruce Springsteen, this collection features 29 sheet music arrangements that represent a more comprehensive span of Springsteen's career than any other songbook can offer. Nearly 40 years of hits are contained within its pages, including s favorites like "Blinded by the Light" and "Born to Run," plus dozens more from the '80s, '90s, and beyondall the way up to Working on a Dream and The Promise The unprecedented array of songs and carefully transcribed piano vocal guitar arrangements make this a must-own for Bruce Springsteen fans of all ages.