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She found a website called Secret Regrets where people can anonymously share situations that no one knows about.

Why Swearing Makes You Stronger

Kevin Hansen, who founded Secret Regrets, has collected about 25, confessions from people who are hiding something from a lot of people. The sentiment among many of them, he says, is "nobody else could possibly understand what I'm going through, so I'm not going to tell anyone. Hansen "has always been passionate about helping people," according to the website. He studied psychology and human behavior while earning a business degree, "and now, he's discovered an amazing way to reach people struggling with the biggest regrets of their lives, and connect them with others who know what they're going through.

The feedback from other anonymous users has helped, Nancy said. Some of the messages said things such as "you got out a lot sooner than me. Anyone who has secrets about abuse should seek professional help, says Bobbie McDonald , a psychologist in Newport Beach, California. Revealing details of an ongoing situation can be risky, as an abuser's behavior can be unpredictable. A counselor, psychologist or expert at a hotline can help put the person in touch with the right resources. Irene, 23, found out she was pregnant in August Her boyfriend at that time didn't want her to keep the child.

Initially she wanted to go forward with the pregnancy, though she later changed her mind. Irene, who lives in the South, didn't tell anyone in her family about the pregnancy until after the fact. Her mother didn't speak to her for two weeks, but eventually calmed down, she said.

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Everyone she has told has been supportive about it, but it's not something she shares with everyone. Her grandparents, for instance, still don't know.

Shhhhh ... Some secrets you might need to keep

Like Nancy, she found support on the Secret Regrets website, where women in their 60s tell her things will get easier with time. The pregnancy and abortion used to be a source of shame, and Irene used to cry about it a lot. These days, she is able to tell herself that she made the right decision. She was able to finish school and move on from a dysfunctional relationship with her former boyfriend. She sometimes gives clients take-home exercises -- write down 15 reasons that you forgive yourself, for example. The skeletons that Rachel keeps in her closet are actually costumes.

Tucked away in her studio apartment are a wolf's head and a full leopard outfit.

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Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. Editar playlist. In an accepting environment our hatred is not wrong, and we're more comfortable expressing it, which is why racists congregate together, or why one friend may test the waters with an inappropriate joke. But if we're not sure others share the feeling, it stays hidden and only comes out when rage clouds us, or when we're anonymous and free to say whatever we want, like on the Internet. No one wants to be disgusting, but the problem with being disgusting is that disgust can be very personal and malleable.

Is it disgusting to touch a deuce? Of course, but if your grandpa just exploded in the living room because someone gave the man fajitas when the spiciest thing he's allowed to eat is oatmeal, then you buckle down and carry that geriatric poop grenade to safety. You're willing to be disgusting in a situation that merits a tolerance for it.

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  • But then there are other situations when maybe it's not necessary, but you're alone anyway, so who's going to know? The Kleenex is on the other side of the room, why not pick your nose just this once? Pick it and have a flick. Getty Caught flicking? This is your best natural defense. I'm going to share a story with you now that I only share for educational purposes, to prove a point.

    The 3 Dark Secrets It Turns Out Everyone's Hiding |

    I don't want you to think less of me, but I certainly understand if you do. Right now only four other people on earth know this story, and you'll have to take my word that it's true, but, in fairness, there's no upside to this being untrue, so feel free to believe it. It's worth noting that, as disgusting as it is, I have been looking for an appropriate place to share it because, if it had happened to someone else, I would have high-fived them. Not so long ago I went out to do some quick shopping.

    Probably milk and some kind of snacks for later. But definitely bread. It was Country Harvest 12 Grain Bread. Of that I am very sure. I bought it on sale. I'm a smart shopper. On my way home I cut across the yard of a school. Just as I reached the school grounds, however, something happened. Something grim. It was dark at this point, and the school is back a ways from a fairly busy street, but I had an issue and I had no time to address that issue.


    You knew I was going to say that. There are days in your life when you can saunter from sunup to sundown with not a care in the world, you can chew on a piece of grass and lay down in a hammock and sip on some lemonade while racial-stereotype crows play bluegrass music in the trees. This was not one of those days. I made a beeline for the fence, mostly obscured by an overgrowth of vines and bushes, just to the side of the school. It was no more than 25 yards away and I barely made it. You know what I did there in the bushes, you all know.

    And I left it there, outside of a school. The entire loaf of bread, in fact, because there was no way a sandwich was being made from the leftovers. Within a week, all of those bushes had been removed from the school, and of course I can't know if that was my fault, but I can assume. Some poor kid probably found that bread and figured someone had literally been eating poop sandwiches in the schoolyard. I did that to some kid. And when he told the teachers the rumor probably went around that he was the poop sandwich kid.

    And for the next three years he'll be known as Poop Sandwich Billy, and there's nothing I can do about that now except apologize to Poop Sandwich Billy here on Cracked. I'm sorry, Poop Sandwich Billy. I didn't mean for this to happen. Is the point of this that you should share all this stuff openly? Of course not. None of this needs to be shared, and certainly if it ever does, there are times and places when it's appropriate. The point is that it's OK if you have these thoughts sometimes.

    And I know you've thought they were fucked up before, because who wouldn't?

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    • But it's cool. You don't need to be afraid that this stuff makes you abnormal, because we're all abnormal. Be happy about that and wipe your ass on some bread. So who's willing to follow me on Twitter now? Let's try to clear some things up before we get a new Peter Parker in, like, three years. A lot of the classics in the genre do a better job of tackling women's issues than most. No matter how bad your worst morning wake-up stories are, they will never be as bad as these.

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